Sun Peng

Theater Director (China)


Sun Peng (China, Hubei, 1973) is a cross-disciplinary director and is currently working at the Shanghai Opera House. Formerly studying Dance Performance and Drama at the Beijing Dance Academy and the Shanghai Theatre Academy, he has cooperated with several famous contemporary artists in China and abroad, including Jin Xing (China), Willy Tsao (Hong Kong), Andrei Petrov (Russia), Yanan (Japan), and Zhang Zhenjun (USA). He also produced and performed more than a hundred contemporary stage productions, including “Mass of Bach,” “Song of Life,” “The Rite of Spring,” “Carmina Burana,” “Pearl of the Orient,” and “Dance of the Earth”, amongst many others. Currently, he is focusing on utilizing body language in theatre production, and has moved into different areas of performance including musicals, dramas, choreography, opera, Chinese operas, children’s theater, film, television and synchronized swimming.