Resonance Madison

Resonance Madison is a cross-disciplinary art project aligning dancers, musicians and visual artists to collectively create a site-specific performance and a subsequent video installation, generating multiple layers of resonances among disciplines of dance, music and visual arts, between high-arts and public events, and between arts and urban design.

Why Project

Within the art world, there are many silos exist -- silos of disciplines (e.g. dance, music, visual arts), genres (e.g. classical, modern, folk), identity (student artist, faculty artist, professional vs. amature) and etc. These silos stopped artists from knowing and collaborating with each other. Thus art projects, resources, and organizations are mostly scattered, generating works in limited scale, and cannot draw enough attentions from general public.

Another layer of silo lies on the physical “territories” of arts -- music hall, theater, museum -- the architectures and walls isolated arts from being exposed to more public. With more and more awareness of this issue, people believe that arts need to leave their original territories, enter into common spaces for public, and become as impactful and sustainable as entertainments while keeping the authentic artistry.

Resonance Madison is conceived to exactly address the issues mentioned above. With retrospect towards the collaborative methodologies and spirits created by groundbreaking predecessors, such as by John Cage, Merce Cunningham and their peers in various disciplines, and exploring into new methodologies and synergies among different participating artists, Resonance Madison will become a new landmark for celebrating arts, life, humanity and civilization for the broader Madison community.


  • Conversation & Workshop

  • Performance

    (To be launched in May 2019, at AAAE Conference and Bolz Center 50th Celebration)

  • Video Installation

  • Academic Events