Ma Haiping

Electronic Musician (China)

Haiping Ma, a senior electronic musician, is the Electronic Musician of the Year of the 4th and 5th Abilu Music Awards. In the last decade, his music ranged from avant-garde music, experimental electronic music, electro dance music, visual art and the score for contemporary dance. His work is a miniature of the development of electro music in China, both in style and in technique. Known as “the son of Shanghai techno”, his music has a distinct sense of tableau and sci-fi image. Recently he is positively promoting Chinese avant-garde music culture, having international communications and academic speeches. In 2012, he released the gramophone record <The Chinese Connections> at Cratesavers International, Detroit. In 2013, the release of <Crepuscular Rays> at Night Vison, Netherlands made him the first Chinese who could release records at the home of Techno. In April 2016, he released <Folding Traces> at D Force Records.