Julie Semenova

Dancer (Ukraine)

Julie Semenova was born in Ukraine but belongs to the world.

Choreographer, performer, teacher. She works mainly with contemporary dance, physical theatre, contact improvisation and site-specific performance. In her works she mostly interested in social problems, surreal reality, modern technologies and online process, trying to open a window to offline world.
She studied at the Kharkov Ballet School on Modern Dance department. Was a student of International Dance and Performance Center TSEKH, Moscow, for 5 years. Participated in International Contact Improvisation festivals. She focused on workshops of contemporary dance, contemporary ballet, gaga language, contact improvisation, site specific performance, composition, ideokinesis.

For 3 years she was a dancer of Modern Ballet studio, Kharkov, Ukraine. From 2009 to 2012 she was joining laboratoriya teatrra, Ukrainian plastic theatre company. In 2012 she became freelance dancer and founded DANCEGRITY, a company where performers can integrate and express any their own understanding of dance. Then she moved to China and recently joined Slate Dance Company in Shanghai.
Another focus is on interdisciplinary art – in one of her latest works she integrated dance, sound, cinema and art of cooking to affect on several human senses.

Also she has been teaching contemporary dance, improvisation, composition in Kharkov and Moscow for 6 years. Her classes and workshops offer an exchange and research vehicle, exploring composition through improvisation, choreography and anatomy. She is exploring a meaning of improvisation in life and makes lectures on this theme