From 2116: The New World


“From 2116: The New World" is a work about 2116 -- a far future 100 years away from now. In the work, the future means an aggregation of different objects such as technology, environment, and resource, and of various subjects about human nature such as thoughts, believe, and ideology. This enormous theme is interpreted by the fusion of a variety of art forms such as contemporary dance, contemporary piano, architecture and video arts. This work was premiered on September 4th, 2016 at the opening ceremony of the First Chapter of the inaugural Shanghai Project.

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Looking toward the new world of year 2116, a faraway future, we see both hopelessness and hope. There is the challenge of sustaining human life as well as the expectation that the future holds a better world. 2116 is fast approaching — are we brave enough to face the coming reality?

“From 2116: The New World” is an experimental work which not only interprets the future year 2116 in a metaphorical way, but also integrates multiple disciplines of contemporary arts such as dance, music, architecture and video. In the premier, dancers were immersed on top of the futuristic “Envision Pavilion” which was designed by famous architect Sou Fujimoto. World-renowned pianist Jiun Lim played a powerful and internationally recognized contemporary work “The Unshakable by Hongkongness composer Philia Yuen, pushing the performance to its dramatic climax.

In the production, video and filming techniques were also utilized to spectacular results for the attending audience. While watching the live performance, the guests were also able to experience the performance through the use of 7 fixed video cameras and 2 drones which documented the entire piece from a variety of angles and broadcast the performers to the large screen onstage.



  • Anneliese Charek (USA)
  • Ao Qi (China)
  • Dong Lingyu (China)
  • Dong Xin (China)
  • Gudenko Maria (Russia)
  • Li Haocheng (China)
  • Liu Xiangyu (China)
  • Wang Shaojun (China)
  • Yin Chen (China)
  • Yulia Semenova (Ukraine)
  • Zhang Biying (China)
  • Zhao Hao (China)


Photo by Yu Shaoyan