Cross Boundaries


XCreation is a non-profit platform for cross-disciplinary creation of contemporary arts



Resonance Madison


From 2116: The New World


A performance about 2116 -- a far future 100 years away from now. For this work, the future means an aggregation of different objects such as technology, environment, resource, as well as subjects of human nature:  thoughts, believe, ideology and etc. This enormous theme is interpreted by the fusion of a variety of art forms

  • Contemporary Dance X Contemporary Music X Architecture X Video

  • Premiered on September 4th, 2016,  Shanghai, China


"Walking out Shan-shui" Live


A brilliant work has a brilliant story behind it. Artist Yang Qian uses neon and canvas as his media, but his real media are his feet and the earth. 

  • Performance Art X Video X Installation

  • Performed on September 28th, 2016,  Shanghai, China




XCreation gathers talents crossing different disciplines of contemporary arts. These people work together with "chemistry" generated among them, and contribute authentic knowledge and achievements from each profession, help breaking through the tough gaps and boundaries among different disciplines and circles